What is water pollution?

Water pollution is basically any chemical, physical or biological change in the water quality that is harmful to any living object that drinks it, uses it or lives in it. Polluted water has a direct effect on humans’ health. Water pollution is a large set of adverse effects upon water bodies (lakes, rivers, oceans and groundwater) caused by different human activities.

Recently, many studies have shown concerns with the quality and standards of water treatment solutions and purification systems, while importers offer cheap and low quality products. AWT Company only offers sustainable and cost-effective reverse osmosis systems and water treatment solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We also offer water treatment solutions for ultra pure water for boilers and chillers, alkaline water and seawater desalination reverse osmosis watermaker (RO watermaker) for marine based (Boats, Yachts, Ships, Navy Ships, etc), desalination plant for land based (Hotels, Factories, Water Treatment Plant, etc) and offshore (Oil Platforms) ‘Class1-Div1’ and ‘Class1-Div2′ explosion proof applications. Our reverse osmosis water treatment systems and reverse osmosis water purification systems are sustainable, durable, reliable and cost-effective. Despite a superior water treatment and purification systems’ quality and an affordable price, you need a company that stands behind their customers and value them with skilled workmanship, craftsmanship and customer service excellence. In Applied Water Technology (AWT) Company we strive to serve you with our dedicated professional treatment and purification team to find you water treatment solutions to the toughest water pollution conditions and problems.

AWT Company engineers, design, manufacture and commission both standard and custom high purity (Ultrapure) reverse osmosis systems for the biotechnology laboratories and institutions from 100 up to 1 Million GPD (Gallons Per Day). AWT Company designs and fabricates advanced Ultrapure RO systems that meets type 1, 2 and 3 laboratory specifications.

From residential drinking water filters and whole house water filtration systems, to the largest water treatment plants and water purification system applications, we proudly serves the globe with quality treatment equipment coupled with customer retention second to none in the reverse osmosis industry.

AWT Company strives to serve you with our dedicated professional team to find you the most advanced water treatment solutions to the toughest water problems.