Water pollution is in fact any change whether chemical, biological or physical to the quality of water that may cause harm to living objects that either uses it, drinks it or lives in it. Human's health is direclty affected by polluted water. Water pollution is a wide group of negative effects onto water bodies - such as rivers, groundwater, lakes and oceans - which is caused by various human activities.

As a water treatment system manufacturer and integrator, bqua offers a broad range of smart and innovative water treatment solutions. We implement the latest technologies in order to solve the toughest and most complex water treatment problems. Below are typical water problems that people all over the world may face in their drinking water supplies. Bqua is proudly capable of introducing water treatment solutions that will make your life much easier and healthier.

bqua seawater desalination water treatment solutions
Seawater Desalination
Oil Separation / Removal
bqua lead removal water treatment solutions
Lead Removal
bqua bacteria removal water treatment solutions
Bacteria Removal
Brackish Water Treatment
bqua hard water softener water treatment solutions
Hardness Softener / Removal
bqua chlorine removal water treatment solutions
Chlorine Removal
Arsenic Removal
bqua fluoride removal water treatment solutions
Fluoride Removal
bqua sulfur removal water treatment solutions
Sulphur Removal