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Water is one of the most essential elements for the majority of industries. There are mainly three known forms of water; raw water, wastewater and process water. The need for water treatment is substantial before entering the process to attain a certain water quality and properties. This is in order to consolidate the industrial water treatment operation as effectively as possible in all the water treatment industries. The purpose of the industrial water treatment process is to assure that the water being processed will not harm or cause any damage to the equipment.

Moreover, a lot of water treatment industries use the water treatment process to produce clean and pure processed water in large amounts. Examples of these water treatment industries are oil and gas, food and beverage, hydroponics and agriculture, electronics and semiconductors, boiler makeup water, cooling towers, mining, car wash, chemical processing, power plant, bottling, pharmaceuticals, shrimp and fish farms, food processing, hotels and resorts, laboratory ultrapure water, etc. The objective of the industrial water treatment process is to recycle wastewater to a certain elevated degree. Subsequently lessening the water consumption and hence water pollution which in return will lead to cost reduction when the water is reused. Eventually, wastewater has to be treated in order to meet the environmental standards. Before either being released to the sewer systems or to be reused and fed back into the industrial operation.

BQUA has knowledge and expertise in the industrial water treatment field. As a leading water treatment systems manufacturer we strive to provide solutions to the toughest industrial water treatment challenges. With a mixture of advanced applied water technology, precision engineering and top of the notch designs and implementation of reverse osmosis water treatment systems. We design and engineer water treatment systems for all water treatment industries and applications. We supply water treatment systems, multimedia filters, cartridge filter housings, water treatment chemicals and innovative engineered solutions for raw water and recycled water to guarantee desired quality is attained. “Our knowledge and expertise are as broad as your needs”

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Water Treatment Industries - Oil and Gas - Reverse Osmosis System

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